Our Story

Cannatrait is a USDA certified organic grower, processor, and distributor-family owned business, that produces high quality hemp extracts out of Lexington, Kentucky. Our team consists of Scott Baesler, Fritts Baesler, and Lucas Gilbert. Each member plays an active role in bringing these holistic products to the community by embracing the essence of ‘farm to table’.

While residing in Boulder, Colorado, Fritts developed the viable CBD dominant genetic variety “Seagull”, named after a friend diagnosed with epilepsy. Scott Baesler uncovered practical processing solutions that would be applicable for organic CBD extraction through his in-depth understanding of process engineering and supply chain management. In 2017, Cannatrait joined forces with Lucas Gilbert, the lab manager, who consistently strives to ensure that all of Cannatrait’s products are up to standard with the hemp markets strongest competitors.

Cannatrait earned its USDA organic certification on July 18th, 2019, becoming the first hemp company in Kentucky to acquire the USDA organic seal. Since then, many clients have come to us for our reputable, specialized, organic extracts and product formulations, in which have been ranked among the top in the United States. We strive to create products specific to our client’s needs. With our in-depth knowledge of the ever-growing hemp market, we urge you to explore why Cannatrait has stood strong since the beginning. Contact us today to see how we can serve you with excellence.