Services Include:

  • CBD and Hemp Consulting
  • Equipment Design and Procurement
  • Lab Design
  • Standard Operating Procedures and Manuals
  • Process and Packaging Design
  • Product Formulation
  • Research and Development
  • Food Safety Design

The most important item which may be on everyone’s mind is the upcoming FDA regulations of the Cannabis and Hemp Industry. Our team has you covered and can make sure you are ready for certification and inspection. These lifeline services include:

  • Good Manufacturing Practice Manuals and Certification Processes
  • Quality Assurance Plans and Certifications Processes
  • Track and Trace Plans

As a client you deserve a team that will help you get your product to market in a fast, legal and safe manner. We at Cannatrait are there as your partner.


Cannatrait can offer experienced professional assistance to complete your hemp cultivation, processing and production needs. Our team offers professionals with an average experience of 25 years. We are one of the few consulting companies which operate with licensed professional engineers for our design and build challenges.  Our professionals can make you in your first year and all the following ones become a heavyweight in the industry. We offer:

  • Greenhouse Layout and Grow Consulting
  • Organic Cannabis Grow Consulting
  • Field Planting Consulting
  • Harvest Consulting including Drying and Raw Flower Prep

Our design and construction professionals can make sure your process and packaging is a smooth transition from the field to the open market. We have completed projects that include everything from custom equipment design to product formulation. The uniqueness of our team is a combined 25 years of food and chemical processing experience prior to the expansion of the cannabis market.

Toll Processing

Cannatrait understands the hard work and considerations every farmer has put into their crop. Our facility has very flexible batch loads and can take your material through a conventional (inorganic) process or our proprietary USDA Certified Organic process. We have the capability to process your material into refined crude oil, high-purity CBD Distillate, API CBD Isolate, water dispersible formulations, or retail-ready products. Contact us today to see our availability in our production line!

Product Formulation

We have been crafting products for our diverse client base since 2015. If you are looking to create your own products, please look no further! Our lab team is eager to develop creative formulations to fit your specifications and bring your brand to the next level! We strive at being ahead with unique and emerging USDA Organic ingredients, providing superior quality, stability, and effectiveness. Our clients have reached great acclaim with our private labeled products, we would be glad to do the same with your brand. Contact us today to see how we can bring your personalized products to market.